[B-Greek] A Conversational Koine Phrasebook? + Sydney AU Group?

Nigel Chapman nigel at chapman.id.au
Sun Jun 20 07:33:45 EDT 2010


I'm seeing a lot of material (mostly through B-Greek) on immersive,
living-language methods for Koine. This interests me as a way to better
internalize my own low-to-intermediate knowledge of the language (I
learned at a college where grammatical instruction stopped after a year,
unfortunately). So I'm refreshing on everything via North & Hillard's text
on composition, and on the side, trying to translate some 'conversational
English' books into Koine. Curious if anyone's ever seen something like a
basic tourist phrasebook treated in this way? With a URL?

I'm thinking a 'cheatsheet' of this kind could be a good way to kick-start
a conversation group. I know a few others with similar interests here in
Sydney Australi, so if you're in this area and might be interested, please
drop me a line off-list.

(I'm hoping this isn't getting off-topic for BGreek -- Let me know if it is!)



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