[B-Greek] Should I have passed it up?

peter pankonin peter.pankonin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 16:09:37 EDT 2010


> BDAG is superior to BAG. It is much more up-to-date and its typesetting is so much easier to read.

Thanks for the comments and recommendations. "Easier to read" is
definitely a plus when trying to read Greek.


> I have a wife and child and a non-greek profession [IT] and Greek [regrettably] has to find its place amid all that!

LOL...I, too, am in exactly the same position, and if your IT library
is anything like mine, I've already nearly mortgaged my home in order
to acquire a top-class IT library.

> Having heard that this icon costs $100+ dollars, I could not believe my luck; that is,
> until I got home and realised it was not what I thought it was [BDAG] but an earlier edition [BAG].

I would have done the same thing, if not for the "Biblical Greek
Language and Lexicography" book in the same store. While flipping
through it I noticed that the lexicon that I was holding, which I
thought was a BDAG, was in fact a BAG and so I put it back on the

> That said, a BAG is better than no lexicon at all.

Well, I do have a Thayer...which will have to do for now.

> As for "Biblical Greek Language and Lexicography" I also own that one. I was fairly new to b-greek, and apart from Stanley Porter and F.W. Danker, only one other essayist's name jumped out at me, Randall Buth, PhD. My heart skipped a beat; THE Randall Buth? that was the clincher; and I gladly handed over my $12.98 to Mr. Half-Price.

Sweet...I hadn't noticed that.

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