[B-Greek] Should I have passed it up?

Stephen Baldwin stbaldwi at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 30 18:45:49 EDT 2010

Hello Peter:
This from a rank amateur who started out with 0 greek knowledge and 0 greek books of any description [note 1] a few years ago. [and Very modest progress since then].

IMHO it is not a given that one necessarily needs to go out and spend $100s on some of these tomes.
It takes time [and cash], and depends on where one is in the language. I can understand that professionals, those studying to be professionals, and very dedicated amateurs should mortgage their homes in order to acquire a top-class library. I have a wife and child and a non-greek profession [IT] and Greek [regrettably] has to find its place amid all that! For us, our greek growth is more slow and frankly, I don't think I would've made much of a BDAG had I had one from Day One. That said, it is all true -- it is clearly a superior product.

That said, I too found a BAG when I first started out for $12.95 in the local used bookstore.
I happened to see it on a shelf behind the cashier as I was buying other stuff.
Having heard that this icon costs $100+ dollars, I could not believe my luck; that is,
until I got home and realised it was not what I thought it was [BDAG] but an earlier edition [BAG].
That said, it did me well for a few years until my former Greek teacher went all electronic [Logos, electronic this/that/the other] and I bought his BDAG ;-).

That said, a BAG is better than no lexicon at all.
That said, $25 may have been a little high. I commend internet book buying!
That said, I also saw a mint BDAG in Half Price Books here for $80.
If I had no lexicon at all, I would've taken it -- but it is very far from being the end of the world! Good luck in your search.

As for "Biblical Greek Language and Lexicography" I also own that one. I was fairly new to b-greek, and apart from Stanley Porter and F.W. Danker, only one other essayist's name jumped out at me, Randall Buth, PhD. My heart skipped a beat; THE Randall Buth? that was the clincher; and I gladly handed over my $12.98 to Mr. Half-Price.


Stephen Baldwin
stbaldwi at hotmail.com

1. well one interlinear -- hang on -- did I really say I own that? I deny it all.

> Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:45:54 -0600
> From: peter.pankonin at gmail.com
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> Subject: [B-Greek] Should I have passed it up?
> Greetings all,
> So while on vacation earlier this week, poking around in used
> bookstores, I happened upon a BAG for $25...but I didn't buy it,
> figuring I'd hold out for a BDAG. So now I'm kicking my butt for
> passing up on the BAG (since I have neither BAG nor BAGD nor BDAG).
> What do you think: Should I have purchased the BAG?
> The same store had a copy of "Biblical Greek Language and
> Lexicography: Essays in Honor of Fredrick W. Danker," eds. Taylor,
> Lee, Burton Whitaker (which I did buy). I haven't read much beyond the
> Introduction, but I'm guessing it may answer my question...
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