[B-Greek] Putting Greek (and Hebrew) into a web page

George F Somsel gfsomsel at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 14:22:58 EDT 2010

I just ran a test to confirm my suspicions.  I had to download the old legacy 
Spionic font for the test since Windows 7 doesn't seem to include it.  Using 
WordPad I was able to type using Spionic so my suspicion seems to be confirmed 
that ANY font which would work in any Windows version will still work.  Of 
course, the question is whether you would WANT to use some of the old fonts.


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Ted asked: >>> Will the Tyndale font work with Windows 7?  I don't see it
specifically listed.

Actually, the Tyndale installer employs the Cardo font which is fully
Unicode compliant and will work in any system. (Google recently acquired
rights to 
but the Hebrew/Greek are not yet implemented.)

Mark V Hoffman
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