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I suspect this is not entirely correct.  
2.desperate furious, V.VI.
Liddell, Henry George, Robert Scott, Henry Stuart Jones and Roderick McKenzie. A 
Greek-English Lexicon. Rev. and augm. throughout. Oxford; New York: Clarendon 
Press; Oxford University Press, 1996.


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I ran across a mention in Bloomfield's marginal notes on John 7:53ff of a siglum 

found in some mss, "π_τ (παρέστικται)."
What does this word mean?

Daniel Buck


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parastatica, = desperately courageous, Plb.16.5.7 (Comp.). Adv. able to exhort 
or rouse, c. gen., bringing to light, displaying, , ή, όν, fit for standing by. 
adv. -κῶς̀Phot., Suid.ἑαυτοῦ τε καὶ τοῦ ἑτέρουAntioch.Ascal.ap.S.E.M.7.162; 
ἀληθοῦςStoic.2.73; indicative, c. gen., τὰ καιροῦ π.̀(sc. ἐπιρρήματα) οἷον 
σήμερονD.T.641.28, cf. A.D.Pron.7.26, al., S.E.M.8.202; making manifest;, 
ὁλοτελῶν κόσμων π.Dam.Pr.224.ἀγωνίαςPlb.3.43.8; ὁρμῆςPlu.Lyc.21; creating a 
disposition or propensity, πρὸς τὰς πράξειςPhld.Mus.p.71 K.; π. πρὸς 
συνουσίανS.E.M.1.307; π. ἀπό τινος εἴς τιPhld.Oec.p.52 J.-κῶςId.16.28.8, 
D.S.18.22: Comp. -ώτερονId.20.11.διάθεσιςPlb.1.67.6, etc.; π. τὰς 
διανοίαςId.18.46.10.παραστάς, Vitr.5.1.6, 10.10.2, Plin.HN33.52.-κόν, τό, tomb, 
MAMA3.10, al. (Seleucia ad Calycadnum). 


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