[B-Greek] Putting Greek (and Hebrew) into a web page

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>  I need to put a line in a web page that includes the abstract of someone 
> else's article that contains
> Hebrew word, Greek word, Hebrew word, Greek word
> I've never put anything but English into a web page.  While I know that 
> Unicode can do this, I'm familiar with how.  What would be the easiest way 
> to get a couple of words from the LXX into a web page?  I was under the 
> impression that I needed to use UTF-8 encoding but it seems the toll I"m 
> sing Microsoft Visual Studio, won't allow that because if I change to 
> that, it removes the Unicode words I inserted!  Any suggestions? I should 
> note that I can never see Greek when someone posts it here. I only get 
> long lines of question marks, so not even my browser, Firefox, seems happy 
> about other languages.  Thanks.

With regard to reading the emails on this list, make sure that your email 
client or browser is set to UTF-8 unicode, and that you are using a unicode 
compliant font such as Tahoma.  You should be able to see Greek fine.

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