[B-Greek] Augment in participle (John 1:6)

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> Dear B-Greekers,
> I'm puzzled by the construction of the perfect participle of apostellw 
> (ἀποστέλλω) in John 1:6.
> Here the word is rendered apestalmenos (ἀπεσταλμένος).
> However, I understood that only the indicative takes the augment, so I 
> would have expected apostalmenos (ἀποσταλμένος).
> Clearly I'm missing something and I was hoping that somebody might be able 
> to suggest what that might be.

G'day, mate...

Did I say that right?  :)

This is not an augment, but reduplication.  "Verbs begining with a vowel, or 
with a double consonant, or with two more consonants other than a mute and a 
liquid, have a reduplication identical with augment."  (C&S p. 174).

One of my Greek prof's in college sometimes called it "spurious augment," 
thought I've never seen or heard the terminology anwywhere else.

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
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