[B-Greek] Spiritual psalms, hymns and songs?--Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16‏

Steve Puluka steve at puluka.com
Fri Jul 23 07:02:09 EDT 2010

On Jul 23, 2010, at 12:03 AM, Leonard Jayawardena wrote:

> LJ: Grammar can only tell us the two possibilities of translating  
> the phrase in question: "spiritual psalms, hymns and songs" or  
> "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs." My post takes the discussion  
> beyond the grammar to show that the latter translation results in  
> the use of the adjective PNEUMATIKH in a way incomprehensible--and  
> even meaningless--given what the three words involved, viz.,  
> YALMOS, hUMNOS and WiDH, meant to Paul and his readers in the first  
> century as seen from a study of the use of these words and related  
> verb forms in the LXX and the New Testament. Most of the post taken  
> up with that exercise, which is, I think, relevant to B-Greek.

But the second translation is consistent with the continuing usage of  
the terms in liturgical context down to this day.  Hymns are composed  
and used inside liturgical books.  While spiritual songs are para  
liturgical works of a religious nature sung by the community.  Psalms  
are self-evident.

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