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> Hi. I am curious about the word PEPTWKOTA (fallen) in Rev 9:1.
> ειδον αστερα εκ του ουρανου πεπτωκοτα
> Some translations suggest that John sees the star actually fall from
> heaven but others do not, keeping the falling strictly past.
> I know PEPTWKOTA is the perfect participle. So "having fallen" seems
> reasonable.
> But in the Greek is this the "immediate" past that John would have
> witnessed in the vision or is it more the state of the star before
> John's vision of it began?
> Or is that non-determinable?

On the surface, this would appear to be an instance of a verb of perception (EIDON) with accusative noun and participle indicating an action perceived; since the participle is a perfect participle, the sense derived from this understanding of the construction is: "I saw that a star had fallen from the sky." That said, it should be noted that the author of Revelation is not noted for strict observance of conventional grammatical usage.

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