[B-Greek] Greek Prepositions: From Antiquity to the Present, by Pietro Bortone

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Mon Jul 12 09:47:11 EDT 2010

  Hello List,


 I may not be the first or the only one to draw your attention to this new
release, but I have just received in the mail. 


  Details about the book can be read here
nkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=0199556857>  on Amazon. I am not sure as
to what other book shops distribute it already, but the price is likely to
remain quite high: 103,18 USD.


  Has anyone written a review on the book yet? There is some general
information about it on amazon.com.

Product Description

This is the most comprehensive history of the Greek prepositional system
ever published. It is set within a broad typological context and examines
interrelated syntactic, morphological, and semantic change over three
millennia. By including, for the first time, Medieval and Modern Greek, Dr
Bortone is able to show how the changes in meaning of Greek prepositions
follow a clear and recurring pattern of immense theoretical interest. The
author opens the book by discussing the relevant background issues
concerning the function, meaning, and genesis of adpositions and cases. He
then traces the development of prepositions and case markers in ancient
Greek (Homeric and classical, with insights from Linear B and reconstructed
Indo-European); Hellenistic Greek, which he examines mainly on the basis of
Biblical Greek; Medieval Greek, the least studied but most revealing phase;
and Modern Greek, in which he also considers the influence of the learned
tradition and neighbouring languages. Written in an accessible and
non-specialist style, this book will interest classical philologists, as
well as historical linguists and theoretical linguists. 

About the Author

Pietro Bortone is Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics &
Mediterranean Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago. He studied
Classical, Medieval, and Modern Greek at King's College London, and
Linguistic Theory and Comparative Philology at Oxford, and has held research
fellowships at the University of Athens and at Harvard and Princeton.


 Emanuel Contac, Romania




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