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>>> **Esteemed Scholars:
>>> I am puzzled about DE in John 8:17.  It seems to me that the verse would
>>> be
>>> translated the same with or without it. I'm afraid this is a silly
>>> question,
>>> but can someone tell me why DE is there? Is it translated AND or But with
>>> KAI
>>> being translated as ALSO?  That would make sense to me, but I still
>>> wonder
>>> why it is needed.


> For translation into English "and" would be the closest here, since it
> introduces an additional, but different, argument.
> Iver Larsen

It seems to me that the English injection 'why' fits very well here.

John 8:17
Why, even in the very Law you are holding
it is written there that the testimony of two men is valid.

Oun Kwon.

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