[B-Greek] Rather switch than fight?

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Barry wrote

<I am considering switching from Crosby & Schaeffer to Athenaze...>

I'd make this switch in a Greek LEPTON.  On the various classical lists,
Athenaze always generates enthusiasm and there are some very nice audio
files available free on-line.

The weakness of Athenaze in my opinion is that after doing all this work,
the second volume ends with a bunch of very boring readings from Greek
history based on Thucydides and Herodotus that are hard to follow because it
is hard to keep track of who is besieging whom.  But the early readings in 
one are a great way to get students into reading interesting stuff right from 
the beginning. 

I take it you know about the Italian version?  

 Mark L


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Subject: [B-Greek] Rather switch than fight?

I am considering switching from Crosby & Schaeffer to Athenaze.  My
beginning Greek text was C&S, and I have always used it tutoring and
teaching.  I am reviewing Athenaze now, and am forming impressions as to its
strengths and weaknesses, but I would like to get others' input.  The
students who will be the recipients of this decision are younger (8th - 9th
grade), all of whom are in the equivalent of intermediate Latin with some
real proficiency in the language, having learned from Jenney, a rather
traditional approach.

Thanks in advance,

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
Classics and Bible Instructor, TAA
(2010 Savatori Excellence in Education Winner)
Mentor, TNARS


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