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Albert Pietersma albert.pietersma at sympatico.ca
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On Jul 7, 2010, at 1:44 AM, Pere Porta wrote:

> I read Pr 10:11 in both the Hebrew and the Greek translation LXX and I
> remark that the Greek has CEIRI, "hand", as an equivalence for the  
> Hebrew
> "mouth" (peh, construct pi).
> "The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life: but violence  
> covereth the
> mouth of the wicked" (KJV)
> Is there a good reason to explain this so strong change from Hebrew to
> Greek?
Given the character of Greek Proverbs, the change from the Hebrew is  
Some scholars have suggested that e0n xeiri/ is a scribal error for   
e0n xei/lei, but e0n xeiri/ is well within the translator's mode of  
The effect of e0n xeiri/ is that the contrast between  v.11a  and 11b  
is heightened from what it is in the Hebrew. Thus the effect may well  
be the reason.
Albert Pietersma

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