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According to Stephanie Bakker (_The Noun Phrase in Ancient Greek_, 2009) the use 
of the article is dependent upon how identifiable the author perceives the 
article's noun to be by the audience. In this case, whether the two phrases mean 
the same thing is dependent upon how these two authors viewed this particular 
tree and recognizable by their audience. I'm not sure that's question we can 
really answer.

Now, if you're really wondering whether they're talking about the same tree, 
well that's very different question.

Mike Aubrey

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Dear all,

I submit to you a question on "Xylos (tes) zoés".

It appears for the first time in Gn 2:9.
It appears again in several places. Also in Pr 3:18.
And perhaps mainly again in the book of Revelation.
My questions are:
1. Does "xylos zoés" in Pr 3:18 mean quite the same thing as "xylos tes
zoés" in Rev

2. If they do not mean exactly the same thing.... what then are the

Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Northeastern Spain)
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