[B-Greek] Paul as Stylist

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Sun Jul 4 13:46:32 EDT 2010

Caragounis in his “The Development of Greek and the New Testament” 
in chapters 7 – the acoustic dimension in communication 
part V – Rhetorical effects examines the Greek literature mostly 
versus Paul, and in his chapter 8 – the impact of the Historical 
Greek Pronunciation on the Transition of the New Testament Text 
uses P66 John as his case of study.

Being in Greece now, and preparing my material for my reading Greek 
using the Bible, taping not only myself, but many others with 
various Greek accents, and not only from NT, but from Psalms, 
Prophecies, Genesis, Exodus etc, one thing becomes very obvious.  
The text is suitable for oral presentation.
I think this is apparent given that in those days books were rear 
and mostly not know if Paul had read rhetoric theory but he 
practiced it very effectively.
Greek, as Italian and Spanish are oratorical languages, 
your ear is pleased to hear, even if you do not understand it.  
Listening to Latin masses I have the same feeling - were read 
or chanted to be heard.  This is not only for the biblical text, 
but for many other texts as well.
I do Hatzidakis in his two extended volumes of his Akadeimaika 
Anagnosmata (1904 & 1906) in Greek, available in Google Books, 
gives an extensive description of how the production of human 
voice is related to the Greek sound.  Janaris in his Historical 
Greek Grammar, also available in Google Books in English provides 
similar evidence as well. Aristotle in his work on Poetry deals not with the concept of a 
letter, but the concept of an element, providing the phonetic 
elements of it.  Dionysios of Thrax focuses on the element 
(stoixeion) as the most essential part of his proposal about 
reading (peri anagnoseos). Rhetorical schemes are plenty with various degrees of 
, but I do not think that this alone is enough to conclude 
.  Paul uses Greek as a bilingual and not as John, as his second 
language.  If one can judge it from the result of his work, 
he did a great job.  		 	   		  
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