[B-Greek] Latest Amazon reveiw of Zondervan's Reader's Greek New Testamant and the latest version of Markos' Ultra-Nauseam regarding same

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Zondervan's second edition has the mini-lexicon of common words in the back, but no
parsing info.  The font on UBS is bigger and better, but it is the light weight, flexible feel
of Zondervan that some of us really love. 
 Mark L 


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When I went looking to update my first edition of this, I was able to find some pages from this as well as the UBS RGNT online.  Amazon doesn't have them, but a little searching turns some samples up: 


However, I don't believe that the above is what I looked at... there may be more, better examples out there.

For what it's worth, I ultimately concluded that the UBS "Greek New Testament: A Reader's Edition" was somewhat better than Zondervan's effort and bought that. I am absolutely delighted with this volume--it includes not only definitions but parsings of difficult forms, which is almost as important for a "little Greek" like me.  It also includes a lexicon in the back for all the words not defined in the footnotes, so that in the event one has forgotten a common word, one is not forced to turn to another volume.  I don't think that Zondervan included these features, even in the second edition, but as I only own the first edition I might be mistaken.

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>> I read this review this morning and it triggered some thoughts.
>> Here's the link:
>> http://www.amazon.com/Readers-Greek-New-Testament-2nd/product-reviews/0310273781/ref=cm_cr_pr_recent?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending
>> Go ahead and read the review now and when you get back, we'll talk about.  Go ahead.  Go there
>I'm just wondering why it doesn't bother to put up sample pages, for
>Peter's sake.
>Oun Kwon.
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