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On 7/3/2010 11:27 AM, Bart Ehrman wrote:
> Colleagues,
>          Apologies if this issue has been broached on the list before.
> Marius Reiser, in his article “Paulus als Stilist” (SEÅ 66 [2001] 157) tries
> to explain Paul’s unusual Greek, characterized by hyperbata (which he
> defines specifically as forms of parentheses), anacoloutha , and incomplete
> sentences, by claiming that it is representative of spoken rather than
> written Greek.  Moreover, he insists that Paul is the first author of record
> to have written texts as if he were speaking them (different from anything
> in the papyri he insists; different from dictated letters; different from
> speeches of rhetoricians; and so on).
>        As he puts it:
> Die ‘ungefeilte Sprache’ des Paulus hat nämlich etwas auf das Papier
> gebracht, was vor ihm niemand je zu Papier bringen wollte: gesprochene
> Sprache; nicht unbeholfenes Schreiben in ungefügen Sätzen, wie es zahllose
> Papyri bieten, sondern gesprochene Sprache eines kompetenten Sprechers mit
> den typischen Erscheinungen der spontanen Rede.   (emphasis his)
>        I’d be very interested in any reactions/responses to this claim.  (For
> what it’s worth Armin Baum uses it to explain why the Greek of the Pastorals
> – which he takes to be authentic -- differs from that of the “undisputed”
> Paulines: the Pastorals were planned as written texts and are not
> “Paul-as-if-speaking.”   But that view, I think, is less relevant to the NT
> Greek list.  I’m interested in the stylistic claim of Reiser in se).  Many
> thanks,
Perhaps you have already seen this book. I don't know whether it 
addresses exactly the question you have posed, but it seems like it 
might be relevant:

John D. Harvey, _Listening to the Text: Oral Patterning in Paul's 
Letters_, Baker Books (US) and Apollos (England), 1998
Baker ISBN: 0801022002
Apollos ISBN: 085114644

Best Wishes,
Paul E. Baronowsky

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