[B-Greek] 1 John 4:2 and 2 John 7

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Fri Dec 31 14:29:04 EST 2010

On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 4:37 AM, Leonard Jayawardena <leonardj at live.com>
> LJ: On the contrary, I think that that comment does have much merit. The
interpretation "Every spirit that confesses Jesus Christ as come in the
flesh, is of God," does suggest that Jesus Christ had a pre-incarnate
existence as "Jesus Christ." In the way I understand 4:2, "Every spirit that
confesses Jesus as Christ come in the flesh, is of God," Christ pre-exists
Jesus and become incarnate in him. As I explained in a previous post, Christ
existed in the minds of the people of God as their eagerly awaited saviour
and in their scriptures and that Christ "came" to this world as Jesus. ....


Thanks Leonard again for your clarifying the issue.

Since you phrased well everything I wanted to say more or to correct myself
- nothing much more to say.

Except a small point to point out about this passage you wrote.

You said: JC had a pre-incarnate existence as "Jesus Christ". I would have
it to say rather: JC had a pre-incarnate existence as "Christ",
understanding fully well that Logos = pre-incarnate Christ, not much with
Jesus the human being we encounter in the history.

Oun Kwon

P.S. As I come to be enlightened of the scripture passage as I learn, it is
such a joy.

Thanks million to B-Greek.  Happy New Year to all!

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