[B-Greek] Matthew 28:19

Terry Cook cookie99 at fuse.net
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One of our junior pastors asked if I would come to church on Thursday and 
meet with two men he was "discipling." Is it not possible to disciple (in 
the sense of teaching etc.) if the usage is not in the OED? I know the word 
"ain't" wasn't in any of the dictionaries (dad would say "ain't ain't a 
word!) when I was kid but everybody used the word!
I thought the big thing around this group was reading for understanding? If 
understanding a phrase properly and in its context means understanding it in 
a non-dictionary sense........ what's wrong with that?
Terry Cook

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>> The only problem being that "disciple" is not a verb in English.
> The OED says that that "disciple" used to be a verb in English,
> thought it is now in its various senses either obsolete, rare, or
> archaic.  Interestingly, three of its four examples of sense 2, "To
> make a disciple of; to convert to the doctrine of another. Now rare or
> arch.," are allusions to Matt 28:19.
> So it looks like that no matter how tempting "disciple" as a verb may
> be, it is not really an option for a modern English translation.
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