[B-Greek] Is there a possibility of meeting next February any B-Greek subscribers somewhere in the US (Eastern Coast) ?

Christophe Rico ricochristophe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 03:30:22 EST 2010

To all B-Greek subscribers:

I have been invited from 7th to 10th of February 2011 to a Symposium at
Williamsburg (College of William and Mary) and I am considering the
possibility of staying till the 17th of February in order to meet some
people interested in Biblical Greek Pedagogy and Semantics. Even if I am not
a frequent contributor of B-Greek, I do read the messages regularly and that
has been very profitable to me. In Jerusalem, where I live, the only
subscriber I can meet is Randall Buth (it is always very refreshing to
exchange with him). I am keen to meet other ones in the States next
I do not know what the best formula is but here are some ideas that I can
submit :
1) We could organize an informal meeting somewhere in the Eastern Coast in
order to exchange experiences on teaching Biblical Greek
2) I could give a lecture (open to a general audience) in any University of
the Eastern Coast on one of the following subjects :
-Advantages and challenges involved in teaching Greek as a living language
-Biblical Semantics : -the vocabulary of vision in the NT
                               or :How can we translate word order in the NT
                               or: *diakonos*, *episkopos* and *presbuteros
*in the NT
                               or: Jn 8,25 : how can we translate this *crux
interpretum *of the NT
                               or: the meaning of *epiousios *in the Lord's
                               or: *baptismos*, *baptisis* and *baptisma* :
what do the suffixes -*mos*, -*sis *and -*ma *teach us
                                    about the meaning of these words
Those are some of the possible topics about which I would be ready to
3) If that might be of some interest, I could also talk about a project in
which I am quite involved in Jerusalem. An Institute of Ancient Languages
and Humanities (where Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Latin will be taught as
living languages) will start next September in Jerusalem in collaboration
with the Ecole Biblique. The idea is to offer soon a MA program on Ancient

Thank you in advance for all your ideas, and please, I apologize if it was
too cheeky to take advantage of this forum in order to float this idea.

Christophe Rico

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