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There is a fantastic course by BTE Ministries which gets the students up and
running fast.
His unique approach has helped me tremendously and has made learning the
endings quite manageable. 
They not only have a great course in Koine Greek but all their teachings are
centered on it.
Well worth the time to look into this course:

Justin Chamberlain
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Textbook for Beginning Greek
I'm currently "between textbooks" for the Beginning Greek courses I teach.
I'd appreciate some ideas for a textbook which uses a blend of inductive and
grammatical methods.

I used Dobson's "Teach Yourself NT Greek" for years, and my students did
well with it. I had to give them plenty of additional grammar and vocabulary
hand-outs, but the book got them reading fluently and with confidence.
Within one semester they were reading (and enjoying) large passages from the
NT. However, the earlier edition has been edited and "improved" several
times. The later editions became less and less satisfactory, until I just
gave up on it.
Wenham is out of print.
I've tried others over the years, including Duff, Mounce, Croy, and MacNair,
and none of them get the students reading and understanding as quickly as
the original Dobson.
What's more frustrating is that I also teach Latin, using a blend of the
Cambridge Course and Wheelock, and my Latin students are up and running in
one semester. But so far I haven't found a Greek equivalent of the Cambridge
Latin Course.
I'm teaching at the College level, up to a Minor in Greek, as part of a BA
or BS degree, with students who may or may not go on to seminary (most do
not). What I want is a book which will help to get them started, will give
them confidence in reading and comprehension, and which they can use by
themselves if they drop out of College.
Any ideas ?
thank you
Shirley Rollinson
Eastern New Mexico University

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