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On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 5:01 PM, George F Somsel <gfsomsel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I suppose if you are determined to read purpose into this you can be one of
> the very few who find such in it.  Not only will you then be one of a very
> few who find purpose in this passage but also in any such construction.  I
> suppose you know more about Greek and its idioms than Danker.
> george

[Let's stay away from being personal. I'm just 120 pounds chip sitting
at the desk ;-<]

Are you saying that BDAG is correct in all and every time?  I let
myself check as many places as it occurs in NT to see this particular
phrase EPI TO AUTO and then get the feel of it - of course, some are
to be locative and some are to be "redundant" [redundant to tell
locative sense?]. And you say it can NOT be telic? Why? Idiom is
idiom. Does it violate some linguistic principles which BDAG has in
its keeping?

BTW, by reading it locative, there is one single place in NT where it
drives people in exegetical (? eisegetical) hodgepodge  - Act 2:1 (
'gathered at the same place' - At what place did they gather at the

Oun Kwon

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