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> Textbook for Beginning Greek
> I'm currently "between textbooks" for the Beginning Greek courses I teach.
> I'd appreciate some ideas for a textbook which uses a blend of inductive 
> and grammatical methods.
> I used Dobson's "Teach Yourself NT Greek" for years, and my students did 
> well with it. I had to give them plenty of additional grammar and 
> vocabulary hand-outs, but the book got them reading fluently and with 
> confidence. Within one semester they were reading (and enjoying) large 
> passages from the NT. However, the earlier edition has been edited and 
> "improved" several times. The later editions became less and less 
> satisfactory, until I just gave up on it.
> Wenham is out of print.
> I've tried others over the years, including Duff, Mounce, Croy, and 
> MacNair, and none of them get the students reading and understanding as 
> quickly as the original Dobson.
> What's more frustrating is that I also teach Latin, using a blend of the 
> Cambridge Course and Wheelock, and my Latin students are up and running in 
> one semester. But so far I haven't found a Greek equivalent of the 
> Cambridge Latin Course.
> I'm teaching at the College level, up to a Minor in Greek, as part of a BA 
> or BS degree, with students who may or may not go on to seminary (most do 
> not). What I want is a book which will help to get them started, will give 
> them confidence in reading and comprehension, and which they can use by 
> themselves if they drop out of College.

Try Athenaze -- I nearly switched to that this year, but decided to keep it 
as a supplementary text to use with Crosby & Schaeffer.  It's based in 
Attic, but includes NT readings regularly (and if you've had Attic, NT Greek 
is like rolling out of bed in the morning).

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