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Sarah J. Blake sarah at growingstrong.org
Sat Dec 11 16:49:31 EST 2010


I have saved numerous posts on the question of best grammars, lexicons, etc, on both B-Greek and B-Hebrew, and found them helpful. I would like to visit this question from a slightly different angle and hope that you all will indulge me.

I am working with a nonprofit organization that provides texts in alternate format for people who are blind, specializing in biblical studies material. We are attempting to prioritize future transcription projects based on the likelihood that a book may be in need. Knowing that it is impossible to know where a blind student will enroll, my questions are as follows:

For those who are teaching currently, what texts are you using in your classroom? What reference materials do you expect or recommend your students to consult outside class? (Please exclude Greek/Hebrew Bibles from this list, as these are default expectations.) If your student could not access the particular grammar for your course, is there a "next best" grammar that you would be able to work with to enable the student to complete your course?

P.S. If you are the author of an original language grammar and would like to work with us to get your grammar into accessible format, please contact me offlist. We could use your help, especially if your language is Hebrew.

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