[B-Greek] AUTO vs AUTON in John 6:39

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The UBS apparatus is designed to highlight differences that would affect 
translation, so on the one hand it is not surprising that it is not mentioned 
there or in Metzger.  But I agree that this is an oversight, and thanks for 
pointing this out.  There is a reference to AUTON in NA 27.

Actually, AUTO occurs in the Textus Receptus and most majority texts, including 
Robinson-Pierpont, which has AUTON as a variant off to the side.  Hodges/Farstad 
has the inverse, AUTON in the text with AUTO as a note.

The neuter for a human collective is not rare in Greek, but that is another 

It is true that if you rely on UBS or NA you will not see all the Majority 
readings.  Both apparati routinely leave out MT readings which are shorter and 
more difficult.  Holmes' new SBL GNT addresses the issue, but the real solution 
is to use several editions. 


 Mark L


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I was surprised that the apparatus in UBS 3rd ed doesn't show that there is 
indeed a difference in "ANASTASW AUTO" between its reading and the majority 
text. The majority text has "AUTON" but I would not have known this except that 
I was reading a book that rendered the verse AUTO in one instance and AUTON in 
another. I then consulted my majority text which showed the different reading.

This makes me wonder how many other cases are omitted in UBS.

The only reason I bring this up is that AUTO reads awkwardly here but AUTON is 
perfectly understandable.


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