[B-Greek] Middle or Passive?

Iver Larsen iver_larsen at sil.org
Sat Dec 4 00:49:18 EST 2010

It wasn't conceivable to me, but since it was to Carl, the answer to your 
question is: Yes.

Another question is: Is this form likely to be used as a middle in this text? I 
would say: no.

Although the middle aorist of TASSW is used to refer to an arrangement set up by 
and for the benefit of the subject, such an idea is unlikely here. I think 
others have made this arrangement for them. What their active involvement in 
receiving this "appointment" might be, is beyond the scope of the grammar.

Iver Larsen

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> Is it conceivable that the participle TETAGMENOI in Acts 13:48 could be in the 
> middle voice instead of the passive?
> Ren

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