[B-Greek] Fresno Greek Immersion 5 August-13 August 2011

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 18:34:43 EST 2010

Mark Lightman egrapsen:
> <As an update, I can share that the Greek 'intermediate' Immersion
> program in Fresno will be 5 August to 13 August 2011.>
> That's exciting news, Randall.  Next year in Fresno?  I like it.
> <...'intermediate' means 2 to 20 years of Greek in a primarily
> non-spoken environment.>
> That reminds me of something that I have said, that the second year of
> Greek generally takes 20 years to complete.  But a program like yours, I am
> convinced, can put one on a glide path to reduce that substantially.
>That reminds me of something that I have said, that the second year
> of Greek generally takes 20 years to complete.

We were quite liberal in acceptance for the Galilee seminar :-)  One
person had been actively working with Greek 45 years and felt
right at home, the only regret was not having done this 45 years ago.
Basically, when starting to speak its like a whole new
playingfield/ballgame, as many of you know.


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