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> No, it's the third year that takes 30+ years to complete :)  But that's 
> OK.  By then I'l be close enough to retirement to look forward to doing 
> single subjects at university when life (also known as work and raising 
> kids) will no longer interfere with things that are truely important.  Is 
> that something all universities do, or just a quirk of the Australian 
> system - I mean allowing anyone with a degree to enroll to do single 
> subjects?  I just have to make sure I retire somewhere with a good 
> classics department - if such things still exist by then.

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County 
(UMBC), they had the "golden i.d." program.  Local residents 65 and older 
could take degree programs for free, only having to pay student facility 
fees, and so forth.  It was rather interesting, as an 18 year old, to be 
taking course with older students.  I don't know if they still have that 
program -- in-state tuition my freshman year was a whopping $175.00 for a 
full time student.  There was one fellow, originally Dutch, who actually 
completed his undergraduate in "Ancient Studies" when 70 years old.

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