[B-Greek] Fresno Greek Immersion 5 August-13 August 2011

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 18:05:08 EST 2010

It's time to start the December b-greek posts.

As an update, I can share that the Greek 'intermediate' Immersion
program in Fresno will be 5 August to 13 August 2011.
Further details should be finalized in the next two weeks.


PS: 'intermediate' means 2 to 20 years of Greek in a primarily
non-spoken environment. In the Galilee immersion seminar we found
that relatively new students and PhDs in classics shared significant
struggles in producing speech and were able to beneficially work
with each other. (Of course, the classics backgrounds have a more
extensive passive vocabulary approaching a magnitude of ten.
But the struggle for fluency was sympathetically shared.)

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