[B-Greek] Matthew 21:5 KAI

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Tue Aug 31 20:37:19 EDT 2010

Hello Yuki,

Sorry, to post again, but I forgot to add my signature to this e-mail.

> I took this KAI as additive without much thought into it,...

answer one:
Three words for you:
explicative Coordinating Conjuction

> any case where KAI is functioning as epexegetically (like 'that is')?

answer two:
Check out BDAG's lengthy article on 'Kai'
and you will find the following:

"c. oft. explicative; i.e., a word or clause is connected by means of kai, w. another word or clause, for the purpose of explaining what goes before it and so, that is, namely..."
This is close to your guess, by the way!

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