[B-Greek] Errata corregenda (My own)

Dewayne Dulaney dewayne.dulaney at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 17:10:03 EDT 2010

Re: [B-Greek] Paul writing in Latin or Hebrew/Aramaic?

Yesterday I wrote:

"Another probable reason Paul chose to write Romans in Greek is that
any readers from upper-class Roman families would have known Greek as
well as Latin--and possibly Latin-speaking readers from less-affluent
backgrounds also."

I realize the last part of the above sentence, starting with "and
possibly" could have been clearer. I meant to say "and possibly
Latin-speaking readers from less-affluent backgrounds would have known
Greek also."

(Aside to Barry H.: Good point about picking up the language "on the
street". This would be true even if one had studied it some in school:
one could extend his/her knowledge that way. I've found that to be
true on my visits to Mexico. Even though I began learning Spanish in
high school, majored in it and got my degree in Spanish in college,
I've found that I usually learn something new when I visit there and
speak mostly in Spanish, as opposed to speaking mostly in English at
home...even after I began teaching the language. And hear it spoken
constantly by natives, of course.)

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