[B-Greek] Paul writing in Latin or Hebrew/Aramaic?

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> Thus, the knowledge of Greek among even native Romans may well have
> been widespread in the first century. As Colossians 4:16 indicates the
> practice was to read Paul's letters aloud to the Christian assemblies,
> likely the readers of Romans could understand spoken Greek as well as
> read it.
> Δεβένιος Δυλένιος (DEBENIOS DULENIOS)

Good observations.  Let me supplement that even "the poor" who couldn't 
afford to send their potential novus homo ("new man," i.e., not a member of 
the partician class) to one of the ludi ("school") still might pick up quite 
a bit of Greek in the age old fashion of learning it on the street.

Interesting that in just a generation or two, Greek will fade from the West 
as a lingua franca and become essentially possession of the educated classes 
as a literary study, though in the eastern Empire it will remain the common 

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