[B-Greek] A claim that Christ's teachings were delivered in Greek

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Tue Aug 24 14:16:07 EDT 2010

Since some have been discussing the languages used in the New Testament, I 
thought this might be of interest to some. Is anyone familiar with it?  It was 
written by Alexander Roberts, DD (of Ante-Nicene Church Fathers fame. He was 
co-editor with Philip Schaff). He was also the Professor of Humanities at St. 
Andrews University.  He apparently believed most of Christ’s teachings were 
delivered in Greek!  In fact the Preface to his book begins with the following: 

*In this volume I make my final effort to convince the world that Greek was the 
language habitually made use of by Christ in His public teaching, and that, 
consequently, such a discourse as the Sermon on the Mount still remains to us in 
the language in which it was originally delivered… The result at which Mr. 
Roberts arrives is, that ' Christ spake for the most part in Greek, and only now 
and then in Aramaic,' and he establishes this conclusion by an amount of 
evidence which can hardly leave a doubt in the minds of unprejudiced readers.*  

That is quite a claim. When I have more time, I would like to read it.
His book was titled:  Greek the language of Christ and His apostles, Alexander 
Roberts, Longmans, Green, and co., 1888.  It can be found at – 


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