[B-Greek] Paul writing in Latin or Hebrew/Aramaic?

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On 8/23/2010 7:56 PM, Justin Chamberlain wrote:
> The Romans did in fact speak Latin but Greek was the language of commerce
> and a universally known language of the day. The Romans could read and write
> Greek. Paul wrote  to the Roman church in Greek for this reason
Actually I think he wrote in Greek not because of anything 
characteristic of  those /native/ to Italy and to The City, but because 
of the demographic of the Christian communities.  These would most 
likely be people or the children of people who came from the Eastern 
portion of the Roam Empire.

And is it not actually inaccurate to speak of the Roman church.  In 
Romans Paul never speaks of the Church in Rome, but cells of believers.

For a thorough and insightful discussion of the demographics of the 
Christ believers in Rome in the 60s of the first century CE, see Robert 
Jewett's Hermeneia commentary on Romans.


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