[B-Greek] Paul writing in Latin or Hebrew/Aramaic?

Justin Chamberlain justin4jesus at verizon.net
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The Romans did in fact speak Latin but Greek was the language of commerce
and a universally known language of the day. The Romans could read and write
Greek. Paul wrote  to the Roman church in Greek for this reason and the fact
that they were most likely using the Septuagint and would be reading the
scriptures in Greek as well. Logically Paul would use the universal Greek of
the day and not the geographically limited Latin.
Justin Chamberlain
Santa Maria, CA

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I've just read this assertion on another list and am interested in your
comments, please:

"And no, Greek was not the language of the Romans.  They spoke Latin.  Paul
would have written to Rome either in one of his better languages
(Hebrew/Aramaic) or theirs (Latin), but there's little logic behind the idea
he would have written to them in Greek."

David McKay
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