[B-Greek] Paul writing in Latin or Hebrew/Aramaic?

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 03:03:39 EDT 2010

Jeff egrapse
>Does anyone know of any more recent (as in, since 1970) research that
addresses this issue? Any Greek inscriptions in Rome?

You might check out
Harry Leon, The Ancient Jews of Rome. Jewish Publication Society. 1960
He discusses the Greek graffiti in the Jewish catacombs.

kai Markos egrapse
>I have no problem believing that there may have been a Latin or a
> Hebrew/Aramaic vorlage underlying the Greek text of Romans

I have a problem with Hebrew and Aramaic. First, there's no tradition
or record of this. Secondly, the Greek doesn't read like
a translation. But neither does Josephus.

My problem with Latin is the question, where/when did Paul learn it
to a high level? Gamaliel's school only specialized in Tora and
Greek wisdom for "the sake of the government".

So Greek. The 2nd language of the upper class, cf. Clement of Rome, too,
 and shared language of Jewish immigrants.


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