[B-Greek] Paul writing in Latin or Hebrew/Aramaic?

Jeffrey T. Requadt jeffreyrequadt_list at hotmail.com
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Does anyone know of any more recent (as in, since 1970) research that
addresses this issue? Any Greek inscriptions in Rome? Have they uncovered
any manuscripts from Pompeii in Greek? Any official Roman documents in Latin
AND Greek? Any syntheses of early church documents in Greek that would have
otherwise been in Latin? What about early Roman church leaders? I'm terrible
at history from that period, but I have this fleeting idea that Clement was
from Rome, and didn't he write in Greek?  My understanding is that Alexander
did a lot more to spread language/culture and the Romans did more with
administration. But this is based on what I read in high school, over 10
years ago (crazily).

By the way, if anyone knows of Greek plays that have been adapted for
modern-day children (in English), please let me know. I would like to try
one with my third graders.

Jeff Requadt

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Dave wrote:

<I've just read this assertion on another list and am interested in your
comments, please:

"And no, Greek was not the language of the Romans.  They spoke Latin.  Paul
would have written to Rome either in one of his better languages
(Hebrew/Aramaic) or theirs (Latin), but there's little logic behind the idea
he would have written to them in Greek.">

Hi, Dave,

I have no problem believing that there may have been a Latin or a
vorlage underlying the Greek text of Romans, as long as one does not make
further claims based on this assertion.  

Mark L


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