[B-Greek] Paul writing in Latin or Hebrew/Aramaic?

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On 8/22/2010 10:29 PM, David McKay wrote:
> I've just read this assertion on another list and am interested in your
> comments, please:
> "And no, Greek was not the language of the Romans.  They spoke Latin.  Paul
> would have written to Rome either in one of his better languages
> (Hebrew/Aramaic) or theirs (Latin), but there's little logic behind the idea
> he would have written to them in Greek."
If memory serves, there is a very good discussion of this claim in the 
old Sandy & Headlam ICC Commentary on Romans.

Besides that, the larger question,  even assuming the truth of the 
posters assertion, is whether those to whom Paul wrote were mostly 
originally from the Eastern portion of the Empire.

Didn't Plutarch complain that when he went to Rome to learn Latin, that 
he could hardly find anyone who spoke it?


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