[B-Greek] How many languages in Acts 21-22?

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 From Richard Pervo (author of the Hermeneia Commentary on Acts), with 
his permission:

> I think it not improbable that Paul was arrested in the temple, 
> possibly for attempting to introduce gentiles.
> I believe that the account is a creation of the author. The narrator 
> has paul speak Aramaic (presumably), as a bit of color. Similar is the 
> “you speak Greek” question, which feeds Paul a ball he can knock out 
> of the park. Would the narrator imagine that the Ephesian (presumably) 
> Jews spoke in Aramaic? Don’t know. Not likely that auxiliary officer 
> knew Aramaic, although quite possible. The narrator does not worry 
> about the languages used. Cf 1:14-26 and 14:14-18.
>             Questions are thus misplaced, except as exposure of 
>  narrator’s lack of concern. Good question for Ben Witherington or 
> some proponent of historical record here.


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