[B-Greek] Introductory Grammar Suggestions

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> >My initial inclination was to start with a New Testament grammar. 
> >However, the more research I did, the more inclined I became to starting 
> >with Attic.  You mention that learning Attic first allowed you to more 
> >easily
> transition to both Homer and to koine.  What are your thoughts on
> beginning with Homer?  It is certainly the long way to getting at koine.>
> Tony, you might want to study that essay on "SLA and Latin"
> and its implications on pedagogy and success,
> before making commitments. Like the idea that different methodologies
> are not options or personal taste but perform necessary roles at
> different stages of learning.

Very good observation, especially for classroom instruction.  Based on you 
experience, however, how would you advise a self-learner to go about his 

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