[B-Greek] Introductory Grammar Suggestions

Mark Lightman lightmanmark at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 17 13:16:34 EDT 2010

Tony wrote:

<I've found four grammars that I'd like some input on:>

Hi, Tony,

<_Athenaze_ by Balme and Lawall>

Probably the best single grammar.  It essentially comes with an audio component 
because there are excellent audios (and videos) free on line.  More fun than the 
others.  If you only get one, get this one.

<_Greek: An Intensive Course_ by Hansen & Quinn>

The Greek equivalent to raw broccoli.  

<_Introduction to Attic Greek_ by Mastronarde>

The Greek equivalent to cooked broccoli.

<_Learning Greek with Plato_ by Frank Beetham?>

Also lots of fun, easy, user friendly, comes with an answer key.  A must if you 
like Plato and you must like Plato.

Mark L


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