[B-Greek] Introductory Grammar Suggestions

Tony Lester geekgreek at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 17 09:44:09 EDT 2010

I plan to begin studying ancient Greek in the coming weeks.  Initially it will be a self-study.  However, fall 2011 I hope to begin a formal classroom education.
So far I've browsed the web in search of a beginning grammar.  Dr. Mounce's text seems quite popular, but I had hoped to begin with classical Attic and move on to koine from there.
I've found four grammars that I'd like some input on:
_Athenaze_ by Balme and Lawall
_Greek: An Intensive Course_ by Hansen & Quinn
_Introduction to Attic Greek_ by Mastronarde
_Learning Greek with Plato_ by Frank Beetham?
Tony Lester

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