[B-Greek] Matthew 26:13 Jesus is the victory

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Fri Aug 13 18:58:42 EDT 2010

2010/8/13 Doug Knighton <douglas.knighton at gmail.com>:

> Earlier in Matthew's text, we find the phrase TOUTO TO EUAGGELION once in
> 24:14. There it is directly linked with the phrase THS BASILEIAS. The phrase
> TO EUAGGELION THS BASILEIAS occurs in the context of Jesus' preaching
> ministry two other times (4:23; 9:25; cf. 10:7). So it seems that for
> Matthew, when Jesus refers to the (this) gospel, he has in mind the good
> news that the Kingdom of God has come. So Mark seems correct in
> understanding that TOUTO has "some force for Matthew," but we would do well
> to see that he's already given us clues for construing what that force is.
> Respectully,
> Doug Knighton, Ch Col USAF (Ret)
(a typo there - it's 9:35, not 9:25)

Rightly so, it's the good news of the God's reign - yes, the God's
reign coming in the person of the Messiah Himself.

If my memory holds correctly, Iver once mentioned a Danish reading
here as 'good news about me'.

Theologically speaking, I recall a quotable 'The Messiah as the
Messenger, the Message and the Medium of the Gospel'.

Oun Kwon.

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