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On 8/13/2010 10:49 AM, dlpost at comcast.net wrote:
> Besides bringing nothing new nor worthy to this discussion,
Perhaps we have different ideas of what constitutes "worthy",  but in my 
book, showing that what someone claims as "certain" is anything but, and 
that it seems to be  grounded in questionable assumptions, is a vital 
contribution to a discussion.  And so far as I can see, no one else has 
pointed out that at least one scholar has noted that the (kind) of whip 
that John says Jesus used was one that would not inflict pain or damage, 
even if used on merchants.  So I also have to challenge the validity of 
your present  claim that I have brought nothing new to this thread.
> it appears I "ticked you off," so much so that you even despise the 
> particular way I posted to this list as revealed in your "PS." :-)
Despise??  No.  Just asking why you apparently think it is necessary to 
post the way you do  (My PS was a question, after all.), especially in 
the light of the fact  that the way you post is generally considered 
(and has been noted on more than one occasion on B-Greek as) 
unacceptable on e-mail lists.  Indeed, for many lists, it would be a 
violation of protocols.

Besides that,  how you know what the Johannine Jesus' intentions toward 
the animals were is beyond me.  "Certainly" the text doesn't say, does it?


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