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>> And, after all of that "making sense", there is still nothing to hang 
>> one's hat upon.
> In a way, I hesitate to add yet one more note to this thread without 
> really saying
> something new -- but I don't think there's anything new to say about it. 
> It seems
> to me that we recognize that the Greek text doesn't give us enough to 
> resolve
> the question here to everyone's satisfaction. We are beating a dead horse 
> (there's
> an original thought, no?): some of us read the context as intelligible 
> only if we
> understand πάντας ἐξέβαλεν [PANTAS EXEBALEN] to mean that Jesus used
> the whip to drive out man and beast while others are just as convinced 
> that it
> must mean that he drove out all the beasts. Seems to me that an immense
> effort is being expended to tip the balance of an imponderable that won't 
> budge.

And this suggests to me, at the risk of gonig beyiond the Greek (so to 
speak), that for John, communicating the precise, video-tape picture of the 
event was not nearly so important as the fact of cleansing the temple, and 
its import...

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