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Carlton Winbery winberycl at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 11 16:17:04 EDT 2010

I am happy for the announcement that Louis Sorenson is now one of the chairs for B-Greek. I have admired his contributions to B-Greek and think that we all will benefit from his commitment to the study of Greek. Having two such scholars in Carl and Louis means that we are being exposed to the very best in the study of the language.

Thanks for bringing him on board.

Carlton Winbery

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>On Aug 11, 2010, at 11:34 AM, Jonathan wrote:
>> I would like to announce that we have made Louis Sorenson a
>> co-chair of B-Greek. The co-chairs are responsible for overseeing
>> the content of B-Greek, and for helping set direction. They
>> moderate messages, keep discussion going, and redirect disputes.
>> Picking a co-chair is not easy. We need a co-chair to be
>> competent in Biblical Greek, committed to respect for all faith
>> persuasions, without showing partiality to any, and good at
>> dealing with people. Carl and Carlton have been wonderful at
>> this, we feel we need one more co-chair to help share the load.
>> Louis teaches Biblical Greek and is now using Koine Greek as a
>> vehicle of classroom instruction. For several years he has
>> maintained a public website for the reading of Epictetus,
>> Menander, Aesop, Psalms: http://www.letsreadgreek.com/. He has
>> also worked to bring Greek references like the Robertson grammar
>> into digital form. Carl, Carlton, and I all agree that Louis will
>> make an excellent co-chair.
>> Thanks to Louis for agreeing to this!
>> Jonathan, Carl, and Carlton 
>I would like to add some remarks to Jonathan's announcement. I 
>do think that B-Greekers who have followed pedagogical matters
>are well aware of what Louis has done and continues to do to enable
>those who want not only to read Koine Greek but to gain a deeper
>proficiency in it by using it as real vehicle of communication --
>listening to it read aloud (in Erasmian, reconstructed Attic, or
>Buthian -- as well as some curious "mix-dialects"), messaging
>each other in Koine, singing it, dialoging in it. Jonathan has already
>mentioned the http://www.letsreadgreek.com/ site. More recently
>there's the thriving site ΣΧΟΛΗ - Σχολὴ εἰς τὸ τὴν ἀρχαίαν 
>Ἐλληνικὴν γράφειν, ἀναγινώσκειν, λέγειν καὶ ἀκούειν
>looked at this, you should at: http://schole.ning.com/
>You might not guess that Louis supports his family -- and his
>profound commitment to ancient Greek -- by driving a delivery
>truck for UPS (he gives a new meaning to, "What can brown
>do for you?"!). He is blessed with a loving wife who allows him
>to expend many hours in his labor of love for ancient Greek. He
>has done graduate work in Greek years after his undergraduate 
>What else? Would you believe: he and I both live in Burnsville --
>Louis in Burnsville, Minnesota, I in Burnsville, North Carolina.
>To my knowledge there are only two Burnsvilles in the USA.
>Here's an idea that I'll propose to Carlton Winbury: don't you
>think it's about time to incorporate a new Burnsville in Louisiana
>right where you now live? We could perhaps put signs at the
>city limits displaying the motto, "Home of the Burnsville Greeks."
>Whaddaya say?
>Carl W. Conrad, Co-Chair, B-Greek
>Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)
>Burnsville, NC
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