[B-Greek] Robinson/Pierpont 2005 Readers-Edition

Mark Lightman lightmanmark at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 10:41:53 EDT 2010

Thanks for this announcement, Peter.

I checked out the sample pages and I am very impressed.  My high
regard for Reader's Editions as tools that will actually lead to Greek fluency 
I believe, one of my Ultra-Nauseams.   There are a number of features
of this edition that I find particularly commendable. 

1.  I like the fact that numbers to show how often a word is used in the
Greek NT are included.  These not only help you decide which words you
might want to make flashcards for or include in home-made audio recordings,
but they help give you a sense of where you are at in vocab acquisition.
It is particularly helpful to know which words occur only once.

2.  I like the fact that the parsing info is separated from the glosses.  Many
intermediate learners, I think, need help with the latter but not so much with
the former.  Including an appendix with all the verbs parsed is a good idea
because there are really only a few GNT forms that are hard to identify.

3.  I like what I see as far as the glosses, as they seem to give you the info
you need to know but they are mercifully brief, so you can get back to reading
Greek as quickly as possible.  I understand, I guess, why people like BDAG to
study a word in depth (although even this concept eludes me as most of us
never study English words in depth but we learn English just fine) or, what BDAG 
is really used for, to back up arguments, but as a tool for ACTUALLY
LEARNING WHAT A GREEK WORD MEANS, I have never understood why a resource
like this Reader's edition, which basically gives you the same info as BDAG, in
less time, is not universally preferred.  This Reader's Edition, like Zondervan 
unlike UBS, does not give verse specific glosses, but gives the fully range of 
meanings each time, forcing the reader to decide what the word means.

4.  I have no idea whether the Byzantine text is closer to the original
autographs than the Alexandrian text, and neither do you, but Robinson's
text is a little easier to read, with some of the grammatical awkwardness
smoothed out.  They say the two textforms agree 94%.  It seems even
higher than that to me, as I go back and forth between the two and almost
never notice the differences.

5.  The font on this text is better than either Zondervan or UBS.  My only
question is whether the font is just as large in the Reader's Edition as it
is the the standard edition.  If so, this book may be the best of the three.

 Mark L


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Subject: [B-Greek] Robinson/Pierpont 2005 Readers-Edition

Dear friends,

I would like to announce the release of the "Reader's Edition" of the 
Robinson/Pierpont Byzantine Greek New Testament. The title of this new edition 
is "The Greek New Testament for Beginning Readers: Byzantine Textform", and it 
contains a number of valuable features:

-  Greek text: Robinson/Pierpont 2005 Byzantine Textform
-  Contains full punctuation, accents, breathing marks, and diacriticals
-  A readable, non-italic font for the main body of Greek text
-  Footnotes containing brief definitions of words occurring less than fifty 
-  Word frequency counts to help the reader decide if a word should be memorized
-  Footnotes showing how to parse all verbs occurring less than fifty times
-  An alphabetized list of all other verb forms with parsing information
-  A lexicon showing proper names and all words occurring fifty times or more

This Reader's Edition offers far more information and data regarding parsings 
and definitions than either the UBS or Zondervan editions. 

This Reader's Edition is also appropriate for advanced learners. Sample pages 
may be downloaded http://www.vtr-online.com/GNT_REd_Presentation_US.pdf

Product Details:
Title: The Greek New Testament for Beginning Readers: Byzantine Textform 
Compilers: Maurice A. Robinson and William G. Pierpont (Greek text & verb 
parsing), John Jeffrey Dodson (lexical information & layout)
Retail Price: $ 34.95 US Dollars
Hardback: 796 pages
Publisher: VTR Publications, info at vtr-online.com, http://www.vtr-online.com 
Language: Koine Greek New Testament text (Robinson/Pierpont Byzantine Textform 
2005); English preface, introduction, and word definitions
ISBN-13: 978-3-941750-24-1
Product Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21 inches (234 x 156 mm)

For any questions please contact VTR Publications. This book is also available 
from Amazon and local bookstores.

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