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> Not according to Jean Lasserre “Un contresens tenace,” Cahiers de la 
> Réconciliation (October 1967): 3–21  (Englished by John Howard Yoder as 
> "The Whip in the Temple. A Tenacious Misinterpretation",. in Occasional 
> Papers of the Council of Mennonite Seminaries and Institute of Mennonite 
> Studies No. 1, ed.  W. M. Swartley, Elkhart 1981, 35-49), who has examined 
> all of the NT uses of TE KAI and who notes that in 86 of these cases a 
> rendering comparable to "as well as the sheep and the oxen" would be 
> impossible,  in five it would be possible but is not so rendered by 
> translators, and that it is only in John 2:15 that translators so render 
> it.
> To my knowledge, both Bultmann and Schnakenburg reject your view, as does 
> G.H.C. MacGreggor (The New Testament Basis of Pacifism),  who each note 
> that the normal sense of TE KAI is to indicate a list, not to continue a 
> series beginning with "them all".
> If memory serves,  a full discussion of the grammatical issues involved 
> appears in N. Clayton Croy's  "The Messianic Whippersnapper: Did Jesus Use 
> a Whip on People in the Temple (John 2:15)?",  Journal of Biblical 
> Literature128 (2009)  555-568.

Thanks, always good to get a bibliography out of this.  Smart people who 
agree with me on this include Beasley-Murray and Godet.

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