[B-Greek] Greek Phrase book in English (Sprechen Sie Attisch)

Louis Sorenson llsorenson at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 8 14:41:29 EDT 2010

Hello all,

I just wanted to drop a note to everyone about the 
Greek Phrase book Sprechen Sie Attisch: Moderne Konversation in 
altgriechischer Umgansprache nach den besten attischen Autoren. By E. 
Joannides (Eduard Johnson). 2nd Edition, Dresden und Leipzig, 1902. 
Publisher: C.A. KochsVerlagsbuchhandlung (H. Ehlers).  It is available 
for download as a pdf from Google Books or Internet Archive. This
 book is a treasure trove of phrases for everyday situations. Some of 
the phrases may need to be compared to find if they exist in authors 
(the writer says they are extracted from the best Attic authors). Also, 
the Phrasebook is Attic, so the later Koine might be a little different.

The German is currently being translated into Greek by several people. What currently exists can be found at http://www.letsreadgreek.com/phrasebook/
 .  This is a collaborative effort to get it into the public Domain. 
Some excellent scholars and adequate co-conspirators are getting this 
together. But there is room for people to still translate some blocks of
 pages, vet the German translation (Do you know German?) and make 
comments on whether the phrase is only Attic. If the phrase would be 
different in Koine, there is a column to hold that text also.

 pages 20-43 are translated as of now. There are typos and translation 
ambiguites, etc. So if you can help vet, translate, type the Greek list 
of words at the end, or make the page appear better (The data is being stored in an 
Excel file), please send me a note.

Thanks for your help and enjoy!

Louis Sorenson 		 	   		  

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