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Mark Lightman lightmanmark at yahoo.com
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Randall has said elsewhere that you cannot really claim to know Ancient Greek
well unless you can understand an unfamiliar passage read aloud at a normal 
Motivating challenges like this are the most helpful of all teaching tools.

If you want to test your ability to understand spoken Greek you can watch this 


and see if you can understand it and identify it.  It is a fairly famous Koine 
passage but
it is not from the Greek NT.

I posted this on several other forums and no one has gotten it yet.

 Mark L


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Randall Buth has a discussion of the above topic in a blog entry dated 
yesterday, August 7 on the site "Alef and Omega":

I think some may find it a helpful discussion even if they are unwilling to go 
with Randall's "one-track" urgency of a conversational focus in Koine Greek 

Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)

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